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Scoring Resources

Alex Reisner's Baseball Data Graphics
Alex offers traditional and Project Scoresheet scorecards.  He also offers a "situational" scorecard.  Instructions are provided.
Baseball Scoring
A modified scoring system based on the one designed by Retrosheet.
Christopher Swingley's Baseball Page
An excellent tutorial on scorekeeping.  It seems to be a work in progress.   When it is finished, the site will walk through scoring the complete game in which Mark McGwire broke the home run record set by Roger Maris.  Christopher Swingley also provides a couple of scorecards for download.  His .gif scorecard is of professional quality and is definitely worth downloading.
How to Keep Score in Baseball - from
Brief scoring instructions.
How to Read a Baseball Scorecard - from The Christian Science Monitor
Instructions for understanding a scorecard.
Keeping Score - from
Scoring instructions from Major League Baseball's official site.
Postscript Baseball Scorecards - from LEO - Link Everything Online
Postcript format scorecards.
Right Down the Middle for a Ball
A Baseball Scoring Project
Rules of Baseball - 10.00 The Official Scorer - from
Rules governing the MLB Official Scorer. For example, when to award a stolen base or an rbi.

Amateur League/Team Sites
These are amateur leagues and teams that have either requested to be listed on this site or have linked to this site from theirs.

Arizona Athletic Association Indians
The Ballparks of the Alaska Baseball League and the Midnight Sun Game
Bear River Rage
Cherry Creek Little League
Cheshire Youth Baseball
Columbus All-Americans
First Colony Little League
Franklin Pierce High School Cardinal Baseball Page
Husker Home Run Club
Murrieta Valley PONY Baseball

Reciprocal Links
These are links to sites that contain a link to my site.  I am returning the favor.  If you would like to trade links, please contact me.  Your web site does not have to be baseball related.

4for4 Fantasy Football - Fantasy Football Resource
Andy's Page on Umpiring
At Home Plate
Baseball Coaches' Links
The Baseball Guru
Baseball Junkies
The Baseball Station - A baseball forum site
Belmont University - HIS 335 American Baseball History
Cherry Creek Baseball
Collegiate Baseball Newspaper
Fantasy Baseball Cafe
Kathy & Judy - WGN Radio
Mat's Detroit Tiger Fan Site
MLBfans Network
The Official Scorer - The online gamebook for baseball and softball scoring
Steve Niccolls Baseball Page - Get a look at "The Ump" himself
Tomato Nation - 45 Reasons To Hail The Return Of Yankee Baseball
Why I Like Baseball by Cecilia Tan
Your Baseball Site

Other Baseball Links
These links are to sites that either belong to or have been recommended by visitors to this site.

ad's uk baseball shrine - A discussion site for baseball fans in the UK
Ballpark Guys - an interactive baseball digest - "The Fan's Guide to Baseball Travel"
Call of the Game - A resource for those who want to become baseball broadcasters
Central Maryland Umpires - An umpiring resource - The official site of Minor League Baseball (National Association of Professional Baseball Leagues) - Major League Baseball's official site - A baseball gaming/news site with features including video game reviews, baseball articles, vbulletin forums and add-ons for baseball games.
Pete Rose Saga
Sports Wired

Products and Services
Some of the visitors here have baseball related products and services that they are trying to sell.  I'm listing their sites here as a favor.  Other than that, I am not involved with their businesses in any manner.  So please don't consider the listings below as any kind of endorsement.  If you have any complaints about any product you purchase, please handle it with the site owner.

Authentic Sports Investments - Signed and Game Used Equipment
Baseball Memories - Software for tracking your personal statistics.
Fantasy Sports "R" Us
HeySportsFans Fantasy Baseball
I Love to Score - Michael Schwartz sent me a copy of the scorebook that he created for baseball fans.  It is really nice.  Check out his site for more information.  
Just the Stats - Presents a new system for rating hitters.  Also sells booklets that show the hitter ratings. - Custom Baseball and Softball Lineup Cards
MLB Baseball Tickets Online - MLB ticket locator. - Tired of the "Wave?"  Let people know.  Wear the no-wave logo.
Prize Sports Vintage Baseball Cards
Prostock Athletic Supply - Baseball/Softball Equipment
Ruf's Carbonized Baseball Score Sheets
Sean Cartell Scorebook Website
Show-Me Tickets
Sports art from Artist and Impressionist Painter Mal Hazeldean - If you need original sports artwork, check out this site.
The Ticket Company
Troy and Jim's Baseball Cards
VarsityShack MLB Baseball Merchandise