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My Scorecards

These are scorecards that I've created using Microsoft Excel 97 for Windows.  They are not as sophisticated as some of the commercial scorecards, but I've found them quite usable.  They are available as Excel files or as Adobe Acrobat files.

Vertical Scorecard (Excel - PDF)

Enhanced Vertical Scorecard (PDF)
This is an enhanced version of the scorecard above.  It contains spaces to mark the count against the batter.  Jason K.J., a visitor to this site, modified the scorecard above and was kind enough to send me a copy of his pdf file.  You will need Adobe Acrobat Viewer 4.0 or higher to view it.  Thanks Jason!

Horizontal Scorecard (Excel - PDF)

Modified Horizontal Scorecard (Excel)
Mary Anne S., a visitor to this site, modified the scorecard above.  It now has a place to mark the attendance and also numbers the batter positions.  Thanks Mary Anne.

Children's Scorecard (Excel - PDF)
I developed this for my 8 year old son.  He likes to keep a scorecard while we are at the game, but he is only interested in charting the players' progress around the bases.  So, I made a card that is easy for him to use and does not include batting or pitching statistics.  1st, 2nd, and 3rd base are represented in the scoreboxes by circled numbers.  Home is a diamond.  My son shades each base where the batter/runner comes to rest and then makes any notations that are necessary.  He used to draw lines between the bases but stopped when he realized that he could place his notations between the bases instead of in the corners.  By looking at the shaded characters, he is able to tell how far each batter/runner advanced during the inning.  At the bottom of each inning is a place to record runs for the inning and to keep a running score.  If you decide to download the Excel version, make sure you have the WingDings 2 font installed on your system.  Otherwise, the characters in the scoreboxes will not show up properly.

All Scorecards
This is a zip file containing all of the scorecards listed above.

Other Downloads

I would like to thank everyone who has contributed to this download page.  Many people have written to thank me for providing a variety of free scorecards.  It is the people that have contributed to this site who deserve their gratitude.

If you would like to contribute a file, send it in an e-mail.  In the e-mail give a short description of your file and let me know how you want to be credited.  If you do not give explicit permission allowing me to use your full name, I will use your first name and last initial or just your intials, depending on how much information you provide.

I only update the site about once a month.  So, please do not get too concerned if you don't see your submission right away.  If more than a month has gone by and you haven't seen your submission, it could be that I lost your e-mail due to some technical problem.  Feel free to send me a reminder if you think I've forgotten about you.

Adobe Acrobat Reader
This program is needed to view and print any PDF format file.  This link will take you to the Adobe download site.

AM Scorecard
Alan M. sent this scorecard. The Zip file contains two Excel Spreadsheets. One is a scorecard. The other is a stat sheet.

AO Scorecard
Alex O. sent in this scorecard.  He provided it in both Adobe Acrobat and Microsoft Excel format.

AutoCad Scorecard
Created by Toby R. in AutoCad's .dwg format

BA Scorecard
Bret A.-R., a Twins fan, contributed this Microsoft Excel scorecard.  It was created for legal size paper.

Baseball Scorecard Tutorial
Terry Roberts created a .pdf format file from the scoring tutorial on this site.  You will need the Adobe Acrobat Reader to view and print the file.  You may have to right click on the link in order to save the file.

BB Scorecard
Bob Bridges sent in this compact scorecard. It fits on a single side of an 8 1/2" x 11 piece of paper. The file is in pdf format, so you will need the Adobe Acrobat Reader to view/print it.

BP Scorecard
Ben Poland sent in this Microsoft word scorecard. 

BR Scorecard
Bret R. created this Microsoft Excel Scorecard.  It is formatted for legal size paper.

CAD Scorecards
Mike R., a full-time engineer and part-time high school coach, has created two scorecards using a CAD program.  One is in an 11x17 format, the other is 8x11.  If you have a program that is capable of importing a .dwg format file, you should be able to use these scorecards.  The two files have been zipped into one for downloading.  You will need a program that can "unzip" them in order to use them.

CH Scorecard
Chuck Heineman created this scorecard using Microsoft Word.

DS Scorecards
"Since most scorers are more interested in one team than the other, the attached p1 sheets are for the "home" or favorite team, while p2 versions are for the "enemy" team. Note that this also eliminates repetition/duplication; i.e., entering stuff twice for one game, like the line score. These sheets were created for youth play (7 innings). One set allows pitch-tracking in the barely-visible circles within each batter's square, and includes columns for total balls pitched (B) and strikes thrown (S) by each pitcher. (To more closely adhere to newspaper box scores, the B could be changed to P (total Pitches)).  'OE' is reached On an Error, G is groundballs hit (regardless of hit or out), L is line drives hit, F is flyballs hit, and P is popups hit. They all get recorded in the one big square, keeping the number of G's in the lower left, L's in the center, and F's and P's in the upper right, separated by a slash. This is very helpful for coaches to diagnose a batter's strengths/weaknesses, and suggest the proper swing adjustment." -- David A. Sears, a certified scorer in Cincinnati, Ohio, created these scorecards and provided the description. 

Dugout Dad Scorecard
Here is a generic scorecard in Microsoft Excel format.  It was submitted by a "Dugout Dad" who did not provide his name.  The card can be folded in half to result in a 5 x 5.5 inch card and holds up to 13 players.

DW Scorecard
This simple Microsoft Excel scorecard was developed by Dave W from the UK.

DW2 Scorecard
Dave W. from the UK sent another Microsoft Excel scorecard.

EL Scorecard
Eric S. modified the Horizontal scorecard that I created so that there is a way to track balls and strikes.  This scorecard is in Microsoft Excel format.

Excel Scorecard set
This set of Microsoft Excel scorecards was created by David Lefebvre.  A text file containing David's explanation of their use is included.

GA Scorecard
A Microsoft Word scorecard submitted by George A.

GW Scorecard
A Microsoft Word scorecard contributed by Greg W.

JB Scorecard
A Microsoft Excel scorecard contributed by Jeff B.

JBAP Scorecard
Here is a legal size scorecard developed by Anthony L. and enhanced by Joe B.  It is provided in Adobe Acrobat (pdf) and Microsoft Excel format.

JS Scorecard
A Microsoft Excel scorecard created by Jared S.

JJ Scorecard
Jeff J. created two pdf formatted scorecards that can be printed on 11x17 paper.  The first scorecard can be used for any game.  The second is customized for Cincinnati Reds fans.

JL Scorecard
Joe L. used one of the scorecards to create a single sided scoresheet so that both teams could be scored on the same side of the paper. He also added some scoring notes to the bottom of the page. You'll need a very fine tipped pencil or pen to use this sheet.

JP Scorecard
John P. from Corpus Christi, Texas created this Excel format scorecard.

JR Scorecard
Jim R. modified the horizontal scorecard that I created for an American Legion Regional Tournament that his team hosted.  If you liked the horizontal scorecard the way it is, be sure to take a look at this one to see the extra features Jim added.  This scorecard is in Microsoft Excel format.

KP Team Statistics
KP created this Microsoft Excel workbook.  It includes a lineup card and pages to track individual player statistics.

LB Scorecard
This very nice Microsoft Excel 97 format scorecard was created by a 10 year old baseball fan from Fairbanks, Alaska.

Legal Size Scorecard
This is a Microsoft Excel format scorecard that was created by Bill Whalen.  The scorecard is formatted to fit on legal size paper (8.5 x 14 inches).

LL Scorecard
A Microsoft Scorecard created by Lee L.

MB Legal Size Scorecards
This is a set of two legal size scorecards designed by Mark B. -- one vertical and one horizontal.

MC Scorecard
Matthew C. took one of the scorecards that I designed and modified it for use in youth league ball games.  It has room for 17 batters.

MN Scorecard
Mike N. created this Microsoft Excel scorecard for his daughter's team.  Each girl plays a different position every inning and he needed an easy way to track the moves.

MPB Scorecard
A scorecard created by Michael B. in Microsoft Excel 2000.  I was able to open it in Excel 97.

Newton's Scorecard
A scorecard created by Newton, a frequent contributor to the Clubhouse.  This file is in Adobe Acrobat format.  So, you will need the Acrobat Reader to view it.

OC Baseball Standings - 2003 Version
Here's something a little different.  Olivier C. created a Microsoft Excel workbook program that can be used to track MLB team standings.

Pitch Tracker
Here's something a little different.  Drake S. has created a sheet that can be used to track pitches.  He uses it to track his son's pitching.  The zip file contains two PDF files, so you will need the Adobe Acrobat Reader to print them.

PW Scorecard
This is a Microsoft Excel scorecard created by Pat W.

PW Scorecard 13
Another Excel scorecard by Pat W.  Very nicely done.

RDO Scorecards
A set of Microsoft Excel scorecards created by RDOwens.

RF Scorecard
This is another Microsoft Excel scorecard.  Robert F. created it using Microsoft Excel 2000.  I was able to open it with Excel 97.

RH Scorecard
This is a Microsoft Excel scorecard created by Randy H.

RR Scorecard
Robert R. provided these scorecards that he created with Microsoft Works.  One is for American league games.  The other for National League games.

RS Scoresheet (PDF - Visio)
This scorecard was created by Shane R. using Visio Pro.  Shane has provided the scorecard in pdf and Visio format.

RH2 Scorecard
This Microsoft Excel scorecard was created by Richard H.  Here is his description.
"This scorecard allows the scorer to record each pitch (T=TAKEN STRIKE;S=SWINGING STRIKE; B=BALL, I-INT BALL; F=FOUL; C=THROW TO BASE; PO=PITCHOUT;U=MISSED BUNT; FB=FOUL BUNT; H=IN PLAY). There is room for 10 pitches per batter, as well as a row at top to record the number of pitches (NP) and number of strikes (NS) per inning. This scorecard is meant to be printed in color, but black and white works as well."

Scorecard Abbreviations
This is a PDF file that was created by Michael S., a visitor to this site.  You will need the Adobe Acrobat Reader to view and print the file.

Scorecard Cell
Paul R. created a graphic cell that can be used when creating a custom scorecard.

I was asked by a minor league ball club to create a one page scoring guide for their game program.  Here it is.

Statistics Spreadsheet
Matt S. created this Microsoft Excel workbook for tracking player statistics.

Team Stat Keeper
Jeff Stevens created this Microsoft Excel workbook.  It contains three different worksheets for tracking team won/loss records, game summaries, and season summary.

Text Scorecard
Jeff, a fan of the Chicago White Sox and the West Michigan Whitecaps, pointed out that I only offer Microsoft Windows format scorecards.  So, he kindly created a plain ASCII text scorecard for this site.  You may have to right click on the link in order to save the file.

Tim Scorecard
Tim created this Microsoft Word scorecard for his son.

TM Scorecard
Trisha M. created a Microsoft Excel scorecard for youth league baseball/softball.  It has room for 16 players, but only 6 innings.

TW Scorecard
Todd W. created this scorecard using Microsoft Word.  It fits on an 8 1/2 x 11 sheet of paper and allows you to score both teams on the same page.

Youth Baseball Scorecard
Russ S. has created a PDF scorecard for tracking youth baseball games.  There is room for 15 batters.  Since most youth leagues require every child to play a minimum number of innings, Russ has included a set of columns to track which innings each child has played.

12 Inning Scorecard
Robert G. created this 12 inning scorecard.  It is in PDF format, so you will need the Adobe Acrobat Reader to view and print the file.