Scorekeeping Abbreviations

How on Base

1B Single
2B Double
3B Triple
BB or W Walk
E Error
FC Fielder's Choice
HBP or HP Hit by Pitch
HR Home Run
I Interference
IW Intentional Walk


1 Pitcher
2 Catcher
3 First Base
4 Second Base
5 Third Base
6 Short Stop
7 Left Field
8 Center Field
9 Right Field
DH Designated Hitter


CS Caught Stealing
DP Double Play
F Fly Out
FO Foul Out
G Ground Out
K Strikeout Swinging
bkwd 'K' or Kc Strikeout Looking
L Line Out
SF Sacrifice Fly
SH Sacrifice Hit (Bunt)
TP Triple Play
U Unassisted Put Out

Other Symbols

BK Balk
PB Passed Ball
WP Wild Pitch

Pitcher Abbreviations

BALK Balks
BB Walks
BF Batters Faced
ER Earned Runs
H Hits
HBP Hit by Pitch
IP Innings Pitched
K Strikeouts
R Runs
W-L Win/Lose
WP Wild Pitch

Michael S., a visitor to this site, has provided a list of abbreviations in PDF format.   The list is much more comprehensive than the one above.  You must have the Adobe Acrobat Reader to view and print it.  If you want to download the list, right click on its link above and choose a save option.  The file is 223k in size.   Thanks Michael!