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- Error or no error
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obrady    -- 04-07-2006 @ 8:20 AM
  An error is defined as:

An error shall be charged for each misplay (fumble, muff or wild throw) which prolongs the time at bat of a batter or which prolongs the life of a runner, or which permits a runner to advance one or more bases.

I read it to say that any play where a play should have and/or could have been made is an error. In the case of no one covering a base, the play should have been made but no play could have been made so there is no error.

My question comes to items like a pop up where the ball drops between several players, when any one of them could have easily caught the ball. I just can't give a hit on such a play, but who do you give the error to (I give it to the player who should have made the play, in my opinion)? This also comes up in a foul pop when three players come together and each is expecting the other to make the play.

hoopdreams_wi    -- 04-07-2006 @ 11:37 AM
  You are correct.  If three players come together and all of them fail to make the catch, charge the error to the player you felt should have made the catch.

I had a situation like this where a third player ran into the mix at the last second screaming "I got it!"  The other two people backed off and the screamer gave up on the ball, allowing it to drop.  I charged the error to the screamer since he caused the confusion by calling off the other players.  I don't know if it was the right thing to do by the book, but it certainly was justified.

obrady    -- 04-07-2006 @ 11:44 AM
  agreed,  im my book, somebody's got to pay for the mistake.

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