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- Eraned run or not?
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obrady    -- 04-06-2006 @ 10:42 AM

batter 1, infield single

batter 2, sac bunt, runner now on second

batter 3, pass ball (not wild pitch, catcher has curve ball hit mitt and bounces off) runner advances to third, batter grounds out 4-3 runner scores

batter 4, grounds out 4-3

I initally score as ER, but as I think about it, is the PB an error and if you reconstruct the inning without it, the runner never scores!?

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hoopdreams_wi    -- 04-06-2006 @ 3:18 PM
  That is an UNearned run.

Passed balls and errors are the two miscures allowed to be considered when reconstrcting the inning.

In your example, the runner would have not scored without benefit of the passed ball, so the run is unearned.

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