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- How many Earned runs?
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obrady    -- 03-02-2006 @ 9:01 AM
  Ok help me with this one; high school varsity game;

B1 - K
B2 - K - reaches on wild pitch
B3 - 1b - r1 advances to 2nd
B4 - BB - bases loaded
B5 - 1b - runner on 3rd scores - bases still loaded

catcher attempts to pick off runner on first, wild throw runners on 2 & 3 score runner on 1st advances to 3

B6 - BB - runners on 1 & 3
B7 - 3u - runner on 3 scores, runner on 1 advances to 2
B8 - K

Summary 4 runs score.

How many were earned?

MBNJ    -- 03-02-2006 @ 10:43 PM
  Three earned runs. One unearned run.

The key is to reconstruct the inning without errors or passed balls. That means that the "K-WP" happens in both the "real" inning, as well as the "reconstructed" inning. However, the catcher's bad throw (E2-T) does not occur in the reconstructed inning. Consequently, batter #5 does not score in the reconstructed inning. Therefore, his run is "unearned".

The Ballpark :