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- Scoring an RBI on an error
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teamtigers    -- 04-30-2004 @ 10:40 AM
  A run is scored on a fielders error that allows the batter to reach first safely.  Does the run count as an RBI for the batter?


Colo05Dad    -- 04-30-2004 @ 1:12 PM
     We need additional information.  How many outs were there when this occurred?  Would the runner have scored without the error being committed, in the scorekeeper's judgemnet?

hoopdreams_wi    -- 04-30-2004 @ 1:22 PM
  Colo has hit the key on this one.  You need to ask yourself, why did the run score?  Because of the ball the batter hit, or because of the error the fielder made.  Let's try a couple of examples.

Example 1:  Runner on third, 1 out.  Ground ball to the second baseman who was playing back on the edge of the outfield.  The ball goes through his legs for an error.  In this case, score an RBI for the batter, since it was unlikely the fielder would have been able to throw the runner out at the plate anyway.  Had he fieded it cleanly, you would have scored an RBI groundout, so that's what it should be.

Example 2:  Runner on second, 1 out.  Ground ball to the second baseman and he boots it again.  Runner from second takes third, realizes the ball is loose and runs home.  In this case, the runner may have gotten to third because of the batter's groundout, but clearly had the fielder handled the ground ball, he would not have scored.  In this case, no RBI to the batter, since the batted ball only moved him to third.  It was the error which allowed him to score.

teamtigers    -- 04-30-2004 @ 2:09 PM
  There was 1 out, ball hit to the outfield and scored as an error (this was at a college game) runner on 2nd scored, but could have been close play at the plate if the ball had not been booted..Judgement call??


Newton    -- 05-05-2004 @ 5:10 PM
  Dear Teamtigers,

Yes, it's still a judgment call based on what you observe during the play:

--Was the runner on 2B tagging all the way because it was a deep hit?
--Was the ball likely NOT to be caught, and the runner had a big lead toward 3B when the error occurred?

On a solid, deep hit you expect a runner to score from 2B, mainly because he'll take a big lead.  That's an RBI situation even if there is an error.  But if the runner was showing that he expected the ball to be caught and was tagging for an advance to 3B, then the error undoubtedly gave him the extra time to score.  That's not an RBI.

This is one of those situations where you really have to see the play develop, because whether or not the runner hesitates on the basepaths makes a big difference.

Dave Newton

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