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- is it marked as FC or FO
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morgan    -- 04-27-2004 @ 2:37 PM
  If the fielder attempts to get either an FC or FO and is unsuccessful (and not because of any error), do you still mark the batter/runner as FC/FO or Base Hit?

AtlantaBlue    -- 04-28-2004 @ 11:09 AM
  Not sure what you mean by FO?  Force out?

Rule 10.06 A base hit shall not be scored in the following cases:(d) When a fielder fails in an attempt to put out a preceding runner, and in the scorer's judgment the batter runner could have been put out at first base. NOTE: This shall not apply if the fielder merely looks toward or feints toward another base before attempting to make the putout at first base;

If the fielder plays on an advance runner, but COULD have gotten the batter if they had played on him instead (scorer's judgment), the batter reaches on a Fielder's Choice, and is charged with an at bat.

EXAMPLE:  R1, R2, batter hits a squibber down the 1B line.  F1 picks up the ball, and decides to try for the lead runner at 3B, but the throw arrives late and R2 is safe.  
RULING:Charge the batter with an FC1, and the runner advances by the batter's actions.  No error.  The pitcher COULD have gotten the batter at first, but instead tried for a lead runner.  Whether or not the lead runner is safe makes no difference in scoring the batter's actions on this play.  FC.

EXAMPLE:  R2, ball hit DEEP in hole to F6's right.  F6 has no chance to get the speedy batter, but does try for R2 at third.  Throw is just late at 3B, R2 safe.
RULING:  Give the batter a hit IF in your judgment F6 could not have gotten him at 1B.  The fact that F6 tried to get R2 at 3B does not automatically make this a FC.  The batter's actions are judged separately from the fielder's actions.

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