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- Ruling on outfield error
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bprestera    -- 04-26-2004 @ 4:24 PM
  During a night game, an outfielder loses the ball in the lights, throws his hands up to indicate this and the ball falls between he and the second baseman.  I've always thought this was not an error.  What's the correct ruling?

Phightins    -- 04-27-2004 @ 7:05 AM
  I believe that you are correct. I have usually seen this to be called a base hit rather than an error. Not that it's the absolute key, but it seems a lot of scorers use the glove as the key; if it hits leather, then it's an error (when it comes to a flyball).

It's pretty tough to give an error to an outfielder when he doesn't get a chance to field it due to the sky conditions (whether lights, clouds, sun, or a mixture of all three). Tough scorer to give him an error.

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