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NorthFace51    -- 04-26-2004 @ 2:22 AM
  Situation #1:

Runner on 1st, batter grounds to short and runner is forced out at second but batter is safe at 1st.  I am pretty sure that this is a FC but how is that ruled with AB?  Does it count as an AB or not? If it is, would the batter be 0 for 1?

Situation #2:

Batter grounds to 3rd who commits a fielding error and batter arrives safely at 1st.  It is an E5 but how is it ruled for the batter?  Does it count as an AB or not?  Would the batter be 1 for 1 or would just not have an AB?

Thank you.

hoopdreams_wi    -- 04-26-2004 @ 10:35 AM
  Situation #1:  Yes, the batter reaches first via a Fielder's Choice.  He is credited with an at-bat, and if that was his first plate appearence he would be 0-for-1 on the day.  The assumption is that the batter did not hit safely, he only reached because a fielder chose to put someone else out instead of him.  Therefore it is a charged at-bat.

Situation #2:  Batter reaches first on an E-5.  That is also a charged at-bat.  The hitter would be 0-for-1.  The batter did not hit safely.  He should have been put out, but for the error on the third baseman.

Phightins    -- 04-26-2004 @ 12:02 PM
  It seems somewhat intuitive in my mind. Both a fielder's choice and an error are plays where the fielder's actions prevented the batter from being thrown out. In the FC, he chose to go to another base. In the error, the fielder made a mistake that allowed the batter to reach.

One thing that might help...take a look at the "Keeping score" page on this site. If you go to "After the game", there is a bit about proving the box score. In that proof, every stat that's added to the AB total constitutes a result that does not count as an AB (such as walks and hit batters).

Hopefully this helps to clear up the AB stat a little...

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