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- How do you score this in the book
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bbfantasy    -- 04-09-2004 @ 12:25 PM
  The batter swings and hits the catcher's glove. The batter advances to first.

hoopdreams_wi    -- 04-12-2004 @ 9:45 AM
  That is catcher's interference.  Mark "E2" to advance the runner to first.  You may want to mark "E2-CI" just to be more descriptive.

RDOwens    -- 04-12-2004 @ 10:01 AM
  hoopdreams has this correct.  Here is the rule guiding this play.  I, too, would use E2-CI to describe the play.

10.13 (f)

When an umpire awards the batter or any runner or runners one or more bases because of interference or obstruction, charge the fielder who committed the interference or obstruction with one error, no matter how many bases the batter, or runner or runners, may be advanced.

"Right down the middle for a ball"
Harry Kalas

The Ballpark :