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- Out at home trying to stretch a triple to HR
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bobby    -- 05-04-2004 @ 3:26 PM
  How do you score? I assume the batter is credited with a hit, in this case triple, and then caught stealing home?

I'm new at this.


Newton    -- 05-04-2004 @ 4:41 PM
  Dear Bobby,

No, this is not Caught Stealing because it's a continuation of the play in which the batter hit a triple.  Show the batter with a safe hit (3B) and show the play at the plate for the out, for example 9-4-2.

The batter gets credit for any RBI's on the play, even if his out is Out 3.

If you're using a diamond scorebox you can shade the baselines to show how far the batter/runner made it.  Also take a look at Patrick's scoring examples on this website under "Keeping Score."

Welcome to scorekeeping!

Dave Newton

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