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- Example of a New Definition Format
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Newton    -- 12-02-2003 @ 4:07 PM
  This is just an example of how we might modify an existing definition.
--begin example--
FIELDER'S CHOICE (FC):  1. When a fielder elects to attempt a play on a runner other than the batter/runner.  2. When any runner advances on a throw or attempted play on another runner.  3. When any fielder holds the ball (rather than throwing to a base for an attempted play) in order to "check" the runner at 3B; see also "Defensive Indifference."
   Note:  The attempted play does not have to result in a put-out.  Under (3) if a fielder checks a runner and throws late to 1B, the Scorer's judgment will determine whether the batter/runner is awarded a Hit or charged a FC.
   Scorer:  This is a judgment call.  IF you believe the batter/runner could not have been put out at 1B by errorless play, AND no other runner was put out, THEN a Hit may be awarded the batter/runner.  A FC is an at-bat.  See Rule 10.02.
   Exceptions:  If any preceding runner is forced out, score a FC for the batter/runner.  This also applies if an Appeal is successful on a force-play.
   Other terms:  Descriptive use of FC may include Advance on Throw (AT), Ground into Force (GF), Ground into Double/Triple Play (GDP/GTP), and Defensive Indifference (DI).
--end example--

Ideally, each definition which applies directly to a rule will also cite the rule.

Thank you.

Dave Newton

AtlantaBlue    -- 12-18-2003 @ 12:06 PM
  While I applaud the effort, part of your definition (#2) will not work, particularly in the case of a double steal.

See 10.08c.  If one runner is played on and advances without a misplay, he gets creditied with a stolen base.  Any other runners on the play ALSO get credited with a stolen base.  This makes an advance by a runner (the "trail" runner) a stolen base, not an FC, even thought there was an an attempted play on another runner.

I would also preface #1 with "On a batted ball...", as the FC would not apply to the case of a play on a stealing runner.  Also, #3 would not have to include a check of another runner (i.e., late in a blowout game, the defense decides not to play on a stealing runner from first, even though there are no other runners on base - this is still Defensive Indifference, a form of an FC).
The exception you noted for #3 can also apply to #1.  Example - a ball hit deep in the hole to the F6's right.  F6 stops the ball, has no play on the BR, but attempts a play at 3B on an advancing R2, who was not forced on the play.  R2 slides in safely.  This is also Scorer's Judgment as to a hit vs an FC for the Batter.  In the situation as described, I would certainly consider giving the batter a hit on the play.

While many of the existing definitions are not very good, rewriting them is difficult, particularly in order to account for all of the exceptions.

Newton    -- 01-15-2004 @ 10:29 AM
  Dear Atlanta Blue,

Thanks for the feedback!  You are correct--the draft is incomplete.  I should have been more careful when listing exceptions.

Anyway, the overall format is the main thing I'm trying to adapt to the rules:

   TERM:  DEFINITION OF TERM (with Rule references).
       Note: Clarify the definition.
       Scorer:  Give guidance to the scorer for proper application of the definition.
       Exceptions:  List specific cases where the definition does / does not apply as written.  (this might be better under Notes)
       Other terms:  List other terms (which will be included in the Definitions) along with their scoring abbreviations.

- - -

Thank you.

Dave Newton

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